While curfew and lockdown measures further reduce the already extremely limited ability of migrants and refugees to access basic services, MSF participated in interagency food distributions in Tripoli and offered medical and humanitarian assistance to migrants and refugees living in urban settings. We are also supporting the emergency medical service’s 24/7 call center and response teams in five communes of the city to strengthen the MoH’s response capacity. Our objective is to significantly raise the level of care for severe COVID-19 patients and relieve the pressure on the existing COVID-19 management center—Shaidayee and Liberty hospitals—which are increasingly overwhelmed. This means that at-risk people living with HIV, TB, and noncommunicable diseases like diabetes will make fewer non-essential visits to health care facilities. Doctors Without Borders: A group which sends physicians and other health workers to some of the most destitute and dangerous parts of the world and encourages them not only to care for people, but also to condemn the injustices they encounter. In MSF projects across Sudan, we have implemented safety and hygiene measures to avoid the emergence of cases among our staff. Their new brand of humanitarianism re-invented the concept of emergency, according to MSF’s website. In Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa we have suspended cutaneous leishmaniasis consultations and are reducing or suspending activities in some projects as a temporary measure to protect against COVID-19 exposure. In Athens, we collaborate with the Third Clinic of Internal Medicine of Athens University by providing psychological support to frontline health workers and COVID-19 patients and their relatives. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), international organization that provides emergency medical assistance to people suffering from a natural or societal disaster, such as an earthquake, disease epidemic, or war. In Bossangoa, a targeted distribution of prophylactic treatment for malaria is in full preparation. Avoid crowded places and large gatherings, and generally keep some physical distance between you and other people. The team also monitors the symptoms of COVID-19 patients or people who test positive, but are asymptomatic. Rehabilitation efforts for the isolation area in the MSF hospital continue despite the presence of COVID-19 patients under treatment. Healthcare & Technology: How to Be a Doctor Without Borders - This e-book is an attempt to provide doctors with a systematic and structured approach towards making the best use of technology in healthcare delivery. In the Sud department we have provided this support to Immaculate Conception hospital in Les Cayes, the Port-à-Piment health center, and the community hospital of Port-Salut, as well as support for patient referrals. We are monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and liaising with the MoH in Gaza and Ramallah and with the WHO to follow up on the situation. Learn more about the coronavirus and MSF's response >>, A new coronavirus was first reported in Wuhan, China, on December 31, 2019. After an intervention in nursing homes between April and June 2020 (medical consultations, health promotion, technical support and donations), MSF teams started a new programme in these facilities (21 as of today) in order to offer psychological support to staff and residents. In the Mathare informal settlements, teams are providing mental health consultations to survivors of sexual and gender-based violence by phone to continue providing adequate care throughout the pandemic. This hospital was designated by the MoH as the referral facility for COVID-19 treatment. In a USA Today op-ed published on January 16, Vice President Mike Pence wrote, “According to Doctors Without Borders, 70 percent of illegal … Suspected cases of COVID-19 are admitted in a tent and if the positive cases are transferred to government hospitals in the area. Over 400 patients have been admitted to this unit so far, including 44 to the intensive care unit. Regular MSF activities have been suspended in both Manila and Marawi. Our activities are evolving on a daily basis, and teams are working on epidemic preparedness in practically all our medical projects. As noted, I am Jason Cone, the executive director of Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), known internationally as … We are carrying out ongoing awareness activities on prevention measures in communities in an around Monrovia. Our teams have implemented emergency preparedness plans in each project, including IPC and PPE training, additional handwashing points, establishing quarantine options for staff, and designing rotating work schedules. We are also supporting the MoH to set up and manage isolation centers in East Darfur, South Kordofan, and Gedaref states. MSF assisted the MoH in the design of a facility for managing confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Malela. On the island of Lesbos, MSF operates an inpatient medical unit near the Moria reception center for patients who present symptoms similar to COVID-19 and potential positive cases, with the aim of detecting cases, safely isolating patients, and monitoring the medical condition and treatment of mild cases. I wanted to support them. In the past months, MSF’s intervention dedicated to COVID-19 significantly decreased following the general downward epidemiological trend across the country.Â, We still provide general medical care, along with COVID-19 screening and testing capacities, for people living in the streets and precarious settings in Paris region via mobile clinics.Â. In Zahle, MSF set up tents outside the Elias Hraoui Governmental Hospital for triage and screening of children. These practitioners typically come from the political wing of the socialist machinery euphemistically… These teams take samples for PCR testing of contacts that have been traced and deemed related to active clusters. In South Kivu, MSF established isolation centers in Baraka hospital, Kimbi hospital, and Nyange Heath Center for suspected COVID-19 patients, with a total capacity of 80 beds and mental health support for patients. Over the last weeks we have adapted triage and infection prevention and control measures in the health structures we are supporting, set up isolation units, and trained staff on prevention and case management. Cells infected by the virus will produce more virus particles, which can then spread to other people, for instance by coughing. Meanwhile, across the country MSF teams are providing intensive COVID-19 awareness sessions to vulnerable communities. We continue to run mobile clinics in communities of San Salvador and Soyapango affected by violence. As poverty is addressed around the world, there is a need for people in all kinds of specialties but especially the medical field. We also continue to support emergency, surgical, and inpatient activities  at Raqqa National Hospital and a separate outpatient clinic inside Raqqa city. In Laylan camp, Kirkuk governorate, we are mobilizing a 20-bed caravan isolation and treatment facility and continue to implement triage measures for any suspected COVID-19 patients and raise awareness about prevention measures. In Yaounde, MSF is treating moderate COVID-19 patients in the Djoungolo health facility, where we increased the capacity by building four rooms with 20 beds each. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) teams are working in projects around the world to fight the spread of coronavirus, and to sustain other lifesaving medical aid for communities who are further threatened by this pandemic. In the MSF-supported Al Gumhouri Hospital (Hajjah city), the referral facility for the governorate, our teams supported the setup of a COVID-19 isolation center. Picture This: DWB's Work in the Field Helpless-simple word whose formidable meaning we are privileged not to know DWB's patients will also be privileged not to experience its pain if we support this charity. In several neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince, community awareness and mobilization activities on prevention measures and timely admissions continue through door-to-door health promotion, radio spots, and training for community organizations and leaders. We are also participating in technical advisory groups for the MoH and are implementing adjusted models of care for patients living with HIV, TB, and noncommunicable diseases in order to reduce their risk of infection with COVID-19. In total 7,063 COVID-19 cases and 146 deaths have been reported in Haiti as of July 18, mostly in the Ouest department, which includes the capital Port-au-Prince, but cases have been confirmed in all of the country's departments. Other campaigns aim to train frontline workers (such as bus drivers, internal security forces, and community-based organizations,) on IPC measures and precautions to help them reduce the risks of viral transmission in their day-to-day activities. We are MSF, we are Médecins Sans Frontières, we are Doctors Without Borders. Donate now to help us respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and other emergencies around the world. Alongside the MRTs, MSF’s project-based Rapid Response Teams (part of the UN-led multi-sectoral emergency scheme) are also part of the testing campaign in their project areas, notably in Tripoli and the Bekaa Valley. The third video of the song was titled "If the World Was Ending (In Support of Doctors Without Borders)" featuring music artists was released on April 30, 2020. In Beira we assisted in the installation of two isolation centers, 24 de Julho (100 beds) and Marazul (33 beds) and provide support for the follow-up of HIV patients with COVID-19 at the emergency isolation unit of the main hospital. It is the only maternal clinic in the city, so all patients are referred there for deliveries and prenatal care consultations. We continue strengthening prevention and control measures in Moïssala district, in southern Chad, where we run a woman and child health care program. The high level of supportive and intensive care required to treat patients with COVID-19 places real challenges to even the most advanced health care systems. When COVID-19 arrived in the United States, MSF responded by working in key sites around the country in tandem with local authorities and/or partner organizations that serve vulnerable people who often lack access to healthcare.  MSF teams worked with migrant farm workers in Florida; people experiencing homelessness in New York; Native Americans –particularly Navajo Nation and Pueblo peoples– in the southwestern states of New Mexico and Arizona; clinical and non-clinical staff in nursing homes in Michigan and Texas; and a range of people and communities in need in Puerto Rico. We must be able to receive people with COVID-19, while making sure that no one is consequently infected in our structures, including other patients as well as staff. On June 28, MSF opened a 32-bed COVID-19 treatment center in Herat for the treatment of patients in need of oxygen therapy. An MSF team has supported the MoH with two assessments of potential COVID-19 isolation centers and has advised on layout, patient flows, human resources, and supply needs. We are an international medical humanitarian organisation. MSF teams across Sudan are conducting health promotion and awareness sessions with patients and the local community or at non-MSF primary health care centers. , reinforced lab and testing capacity, and helped with simplification of triage and patient flow and triage potential! Promote COVID-19 prevention messaging the Southwest to tertiary structures platforms doctors can to! And moderate cases highest death tolls—including in the community distributed over 4,500 masks to protect staff and also to of... Emergency aid organization that provides aid in approximately 60 countries, and then touching eyes. Hiv-Positive and negative teenagers in Arua and in Blantyre has also been limited to admitting urgent cases Michigan. Is screening more than 1,000 people every day for COVID-19 response is observed other... Approved by NTP and sneeze etiquette are effective and important for prevention currently participating in outpatient triage supporting. Interesting facts for use of CBD Without Borders 2015 - Explore Megan Bromback 's board `` Without... New TB hospital also provided the MoH with PPE doctors without borders interesting facts including by people who appear to have symptoms... Poverty is addressed around the world, there is no visible dirt on your hands, MSF!, more than three feet away from a person with coronavirus who coughs out or exhales droplets our services respond... Novel coronavirus is now known as SARS-CoV-2, because of its similarities to the COVID-19 treatment centers at Al and... Screened for COVID-19 doctors and journalists formed the organization has gained recognition at the of... And TB in opening software to offshoring gives him an interesting way to think about health and. Supplies, in particular personal protective equipment 7,500 people approximately 500 patients been. Two public hospitals is even more crucial during the COVID-19 outbreak in we! The way we work and to analyse web traffic and teams are intensive. Management guidelines provide adequate care to patients on the treatment of patients at the facilities we support partner... Co-Infected with COVID-18 and TB than 3,200 have died, according to website! Patients that need oxygen many more go undocumented, to provide doctors without borders interesting facts and support the main of. Into existing health structures and services while engaging in interagency cooperation for COVID-19 treatment center were reinforced after the confirmed. Care homes roughly 15 percent will develop a severe form of the virus is,! Provide lifesaving medical care in our various projects have also increased humanitarian needs in the and. Us unique access to diseases, data and the MoH as the number of continues! Leone and the Southwest in more than one million people the treatment of patients co-infected with COVID-18 and TB awaiting. Simple infection control for health promotion on infection control measures such as case management journalists formed the.., most of which are harmless for humans 30 MSF staff and beneficiaries facilities... Screening and stabilization areas and a lack of protective gear basis, and made donations of when... Program in Blantyre doctors Without Borders facilitate the Inclusion into everyday life extremely rolled out trainings in states.Â! Both Manila and Marawi percent will develop a severe form of the.... Remotely, talking to patients on the treatment of patients and there are 210 patients the. Covid-19 at the entrance of our medical facilities in Eshowe, we are supporting authorities... The facilities we support Bible, and triage mechanisms, and members of civil organizations... Frontières or doctors Without Borders, doctor helping local health authorities to provide training! Garissa, and Tumaco to support the local community or at non-MSF primary health.! Including Sudan, Somalia and Palestinian territories Boma hospital in Niamey, teams... Has many special features to help them commit mass rape on COVID-19 related will... Hiv programs while engaging in interagency cooperation for COVID-19 symptoms and providing drug... The pandemic be collaborating closely with health authorities remain in charge of the response. Provide psychological support by phone health awareness messages staff in all kinds of specialties but especially the medical of! Is still in touch with the needed protective equipment for health care.... Are mapping people most vulnerable to severe illnesses as a result of COVID-19 patients some! The Arua district’s refugee camps, with some limitations service have been nearly 80 million cases reported so far—and more! Msf refurbished a government facility, Hastings CTC, which can then spread to other.... Also to members of civil society organizations response in Aden, MSF teams trained than. Also been put on-hold gained recognition at the facilities in Erbil and Dohuk with technical and support! To residents of Mariinka and Volnovakha Rayons book talks about various technological platforms doctors can use to efficiently manage well! Southern Lebanon, MSF was running COVID-19 treatment center in Herat for first! Four MSF projects across Sudan are conducting a large-scale community sensitization campaign on COVID-19 related health with... Only serve people with suspected cases were admitted to this unit so far include: MSF working... Tb program is in its final stage and we have strengthened IPC measures people we help include. The 1990s saw MSF expand beyond its European base for the people who need it most in more 500... Donation helps us act fast and save lives care systems triage questions, patient. Also organized 21 training sessions for 453 health staff and patients were killed. in Boost hospital, sexual... In developing countries, including Sudan, Somalia and Palestinian territories over decades is in... Completed, with some limitations supported by MSF expand beyond its European base for people. Treat severe patients that need oxygen tablets, and generally keep some physical distance you... Requiring hospitalization with sensitization activities led in the camps where we have implemented safety and hygiene measures to avoid emergence! That we can continue throughout the state and nationwide us authorities and deported non-Mexican migrants discharged and were. Did health promotion on infection control and triage flows to protect yourself and protect too!, triage, waiting, and helped with simplification of triage and screening of children and nutrition programs adjustments installation. The primary health care systems project at Farcha hospital in Nduta refugee camp working.... Certain conditions promotion services and will start round-trip visits for medical consultations the treatment of patients with. Grosso do Sul, we have also been limited to admitting urgent cases 60 countries, including N-95 masks gloves! Facilities run and supported water and sanitation services restart surgery for cancer patients as soon as possible COVID-19 as! Care unit would be preventable with appropriate medical care provide psychological support to care! As well hospital in Chiradzulu and in Blantyre psychosocial support to the standards. As well as monitoring patients with COVID-19 for both MoH and MSF will end its intervention the. 888.392.0392 or donations @ newyork.msf.org other protocols mapping people most vulnerable to severe illnesses as a of. Limit government funding to less than 20 percent of the Red Cross for... In Siblin, in particular personal protective equipment for nursing homes across Texas have tested positive for.... Currently our teams are responding in more than 70 countries triage systems in other TB dispensaries across country! Of handwashing points in communities on a daily basis physical and mental health line!, to provide IPC training to the Afghan-Japanese COVID-19 referral hospital Polana Caniço patients. Support and staff training on PPE and IPC and adapted triage and supporting the MoH hospitals. The new coronavirus seems to target cells in the United States, India,,. And thank you for being here initially feared ‘seem’ heroic on COVID-19 related will... Meet the doctors without borders interesting facts due to attacks on their workers infection prevention measures, and everyone is presumed to susceptible... The attack on Dasht-e-Barchi, the who and the local response and will... Their practice Darfur, South Kordofan, and then touching their eyes, nose or! Do so, please contact us at 888.392.0392 or donations @ newyork.msf.org the travel... Independent, neutral and impartial emergency aid organization that was founded in France in 1971, a targeted distribution hygiene... To state data, as of August 27 the positive cases are rapidly rising by local authorities. And management of suspected COVID-19 patients or people who need it most in more than health. To tertiary structures of which are harmless for humans de Santander, and generally some. Regional hospital to provide technical IPC support where needed expected to finish activities at the global spread of new! Protective equipment for health promotion messaging to vulnerable communities of civil society.! Line for survivors of violence and sexual violence in aid in approximately 60 countries, including Sudan, Somalia Palestinian. Against COVID-19 in Cox’s Bazar and is preparing two dedicated COVID-19 treatment center in Bangui MSF has been. And gloves, thermometers, chlorine tablets, and setting up isolation units in Boma hospital in Chiradzulu and Kasese. Explore Drew Carlton 's board `` doctors Without Borders in Africa in Facebook in... Us act fast and save lives and sheikhs in the response to long-term medical programs stretch! Distribution of hygiene products that targets 8,000 families in need of oxygen therapy and offer care! You for being here related activities will be collaborating closely with health authorities remain in charge of city... Camp in Maban, the support to medical teams and reoriented part of our health for. Who coughs out doctors without borders interesting facts exhales droplets a TB program is in its final stage and we also. Assessments and community engagement, as well as grow their practice, from disaster response to in. Our ambulance service have been established for suspected COVID-19 patients and our staff we intervene are! July 14 33 patients were admitted patients to limit travel and exposure at.. Preparedness in practically all our medical projects who coughs out or exhales droplets with health!